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Trees in my hometown Zutphen

Netherlands 1 - Big trees around my home-town Zutphen - a

Netherlands 2 - Big trees around my home-town Zutphen - b

Netherlands 3 - the Estate of Voorstonden and Middachten Castle

Netherlands 4 - the Estate of Rhederoord and trees in Arnhem

Netherlands 5 - Tulip tree and Oak brothers

Netherlands 6 - Poplars and Beeches

Historical trees in the Netherlands - some famous trees of the past.

List of the biggest trees in the Netherlands with a circumference of 600 cm or more.

Personalities and special places in the Netherlands:

Beech of Ruurlo Giant Oak of Vorden
Big Purple Beech of Vorden Kroezeboom of Ruurlo
Middachten Beech Alley near Arnhem Oak of Epse near Deventer
Gnome Tree - biggest Sweet Chestnut of Holland Oriental Plane of Elden, Arnhem
The tallest Douglas Firs of Holland
at the Royal Park of "Het Loo", Apeldoorn
Poplars of Nijenbeek
Elm of Heure - one of the few surviving old Elms 'Marilandica' Poplar of Deventer
Lime of Sambeek - biggest Lime of Holland Rhederoord Park near Arnhem
Lindens of Wilp near Deventer Dutch Elms in Holland

Belgium - two famous old Oaks and a young giant

Germany 1 - Oaks of Ivenack

Germany 2 - More trees in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg

Germany 3 - Great Limetrees, a German speciality

Germany 4 - Three "thousend year" Oaks in Thueringen

Germany 5 - Old Forests

- Amalie Oak in the Hasbruch
Borken Paradise
Femeiche in Erle
Limetree of Upstedt
Neuenburg Forest
Voss Oak

Switzerland - some of the biggest trees of this country

England 1 - Fredville Park, Kent

England 2 - Ancient Yew trees

England 3 - Cedars of Lebanon

England 4 - Petworth Park, West Sussex

England 5 - Cowdray Park, West Sussex

England 6 - Croft Castle, Shobdon Oak and Knighthayes Court

England 7 - The New Forest

England 8 - Kew Royal Botanic Garden 

- Windsor Great Park

- The Bowthorpe Oak

- Majesty, the Fredville Oak

France - several famous Oaks

Sweden & Norway - ancient Oaks

Poland - one of the last surviving ancient Elmtrees and some famous old Oaks

Bialowieza Forest - the largest remaining primeaval forest of lowland Europe

Czech Republic - ancient Lime trees and a gnome tree

Tall Trees of the Netherlands, Europe and the World.

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Tree species:



Black Poplar


Dawn Cypress

Dutch Elms in Holland


English Oak


Grey Poplar


Horse Chestnut



Lombardy Poplar

Norway Maple



Red Oak

Giant Sequoia

Silver Birch


Sweet Chestnut

Sycamore Maple

Tree of Heaven







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